Door Entry Systems Kent

Door Entry Systems

A door entry system is an integral element of a security system for any building. Door entry systems can be used for commercial or residential premises. This includes multi-occupancy residents such as a block of flats or for a single residence. Door entry systems have proven especially useful for elderly or physically disabled residents.

Door entry systems can come in many forms and can include videos doorbell systems and intercom systems. These systems can also include an electric locking mechanism that can be released remotely, unlocking the door and allowing someone to enter the property These systems can also be fitted onto outside gates with dual release meaning that the gates and the front door security systems can be linked, allowing you to open the gate and then the front door. Ideal Security will assess your premises and security needs to ensure that your door entry system is suitable and fulfil all your needs. Although visual identification can be a valuable added security it may not be needed and there may be an economical door entry system more suitable.  

At Ideal Security, we understand that maintenance is equally as important to installation to ensure that your door entry system remains reliable and effective. Our experienced technicians can provide routine inspections and repair or remotely reset your systems when necessary.