ANPR System

Advanced Number Plate Recognition

Ideal Security can also provide Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems that are now in widespread use for monitoring vehicle number plates entering or leaving premises.

These systems provide added security to your premises with low-cost options and systems. ANPR systems enable you to keep track of vehicles entering and exiting your premises giving your place and added element of security. The system will also log the vehicles and details which can be used as evidence in a legal dispute.

This system not only allows you to log the details, but it can also provide you with the ability to remotely allow access of vehicles to your premises, giving the added security of allowing vehicles and certain people onto your site with another barrier for unwanted intruders.

These systems can be used across a variety of services and areas such as car parks, hospitals and educational facilities. An ANPR system can also be an economical system replacing the need for parking or security attendants.  

With a range of ANPR systems and cameras available with differing price points, Ideal Security can help identify the best system for your needs for the most cost-effective solution.